Greek School Registration - Monthly


Greek School Registration - Monthly

from 71.00 every month for 9 months


  1. Select a Level

  2. Click “Subscribe”

  3. Provide student and parent/guardian information

  4. Click “Subscribe”

  5. In the checkout page, you will be able to create an account (or login if you already have one), provide payment information and submit the registration

  6. Once you have subscribed, you may return to the registration page to sign up any additional students.


About our Greek School

The Greek School’s purpose is to learn basics of Greek language and to communicate in Greek, while developing and cultivating awareness of the Hellenic culture and heritage in an Orthodox Christian environment.

Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1st of enrollment year.

Classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm (5-6pm for Kindergarten) from September through May.

The tuition fees listed above include a $100 registration fee and all needed books and learning materials.

Tuition Payment Options

We offer two payment options: Annual and Monthly.

When selecting Annual, the entire year’s tuition will be placed into your cart.

When Monthly is selected, a 9-month subscription will be placed in your cart. Our e-commerce platform will charge your credit card on file each month, for 9 months, until the year’s tuition is collected. When you select this option, you will need to create an account to save your credit card information.

The tuition amounts included a 3% convenience fee to offset our credit card processing fees. Thank you for your understanding and support.