(St. Gregory the Theologian Patron Saint whose feast day is January 25th)

Contact: Shelly Sudia at 404-210-2846 or the staff at the Cathedral Office during the week at 404-633-5870 for additional information.

Participation: Volunteer Parishioners interested in Orthodox resource sales.

Purpose: The Annunciation Cathedral Bookstore and Gift Shop is a ministry of making our people more aware of the literature available about the Orthodox faith, written in both Greek and English.  It also has a nice selection of icons, livanistiria (incense holders) and incense, candelia (votive holders), and sfragithes (sacred seals/stamps for prosforo bread brought to the church for Holy Communion and antidoron), to enhance the spiritual life of the Orthodox Christian.

Hours of operation:The Annunciation Cathedral Bookstore and Gift Shop is open Sundays after the Divine Liturgy (11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) and at the Greek Festival.  During the week, the book store is accessible through the Cathedral Office or by special appointment.


(St. Tarcisius the Acoltye Patron Saint whose feast day is August 15th)

Contact:  Fr. Christos at 404-633-5870 or George Coumanis at 770-722-6660.

Membership open to: 10 years of ages thru 12th Grade boys.

Meetings are held: Every other month, at the Cathedral.

Fee:  No cost, except for outings.

Purpose:   Learning to care for and solemnly serve God’s Holy Altar and the Cathedral; learning the meaning of articles, vessels and vestments used in the Divine Liturgy.

Activities:  Besides the service to the Cathedral, the guild participates in retreats and fellowship.  Past activities have included the preparation for and service of the Patriarchal Visit in 2008 and the 2010 National Clergy-Laity Congress.

2018-2019 Altar Boy Service Handbook

Acolyte Schedule


(St. Kyriaki Patron Saint whose feast day is July 7th)

Contact:  Fr. Christos at 404-633-5870 or Christine Vallianatos at 908-500-0474.

Membership open to: 4th Grade thru 12th Grade girls.

Meetings are held: Every other month, at the Cathedral.

Fee:  No cost, except for outings

Purpose:   The Handmaidens is a sisterhood of young women, modeled after the ministry of the Theotokos, the Myrrhbearers, and the other women saints, and intended to allow girls to grow together in service, prayer and purity.  They participate in special aspects of some services and meet for other activities.

Activities:  Regular Meetings in the Cathedral when scheduled

2018-2019 St. Kyriaki's Handmaidens Service Book

Handmaidens Schedule

Maphorion--The Garment of the Deaconesses


(St. Kassiani Patron Saint whose feast day is September 7th)

Contact:  Leon Melissas, Director at 404-272-9527

Membership open to: Everyone

Fee:  None

Rehearsals are held:  in the Music Suite from September to May on Monday's or Thursday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please contact Christina for schedule.

Purpose:  To enhance the beauty and experience of the Divine Liturgy through singing of the hymns of our Church and praising God.  Rehearsals are for learning and reviewing old and new arrangements of the hymns of our faith.

Activities:  The choir participates it the annual Choir and Cathedral Orchestra Christmas concert.  They also participate during the Annual Atlanta Greek Festival, singing hymns for the visitors.  Past activities include hosting the Southeast Federation of Greek Orthodox Choirs and musicians.  They were also the host choir for the National Clergy Laity Congress which took place in Atlanta in 1980 and in 2010.  Participation in the Enthronement of the late Bishop Philip and Metropolitan Alexios, and also participation in the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to the Cathedral and to Centennial Olympic park.  The choir has also gone Christmas caroling for the elderly and shut-ins. 


(St. John Damascus Patron Saint whose feast day is December 4th)

Contact:  Leon Melissas, Director at 404-272-9527

Membership open to:  All Men

Fee:  None

Rehearsals are held:  Rehearsals are scheduled on Thursday nights in the Music Suite as needed.  Please contact Leon for more information.

Purpose:  The men’s choir which was formed in 2008, is an auxiliary of the Annunciation Cathedral Choir. They enhance the beauty and experience of the Divine Liturgy through singing of the hymns of our Church and praising God.  Men that Participate in the Cathedral Choir may also participate in the Men’s Choir.

Activities:  Singing the responses for the Divine Liturgy on rotating schedule with the Annunciation Cathedral Choir.


(St. John Koukouzelis Patron Saint whose feast day is October 1st)

Contact: Nick Economos, Protopsaltis at 770-394-5475.

Participation open to: All those who desire to learn.

Purpose: To offer praises to God through Byzantine hymnology.

Resources:  Learn to Chant


(S.S. Spyridon and Nicodemus the Prosphora Bakers of the Kiev Caves Lavra Patron Saints whose feast day is October 31st)

Contact: Kathy Galloway, Coordinator at 770-934-4620.

Participation open to: All those who desire to learn.

Purpose: To offer prosforon (liturgical bread) for the divine services.

Explanation of the Proskomidi (Service of Preparation)

Prayer before baking Prosforon (Greek)

Prayer before baking Prosforon (English)


(S.S. Peter and Paul Patron Saints whose feast day is June 29th)

Contact: Fr. Christos or Elias Lampropoulos 404-633-5870

Participation open to:  6th thru 12th Grade girls and boys.

Meetings are held:  Once a semester in August and January at the Cathedral.

Purpose:  To read the Epistle well during Church Services throughout the year.

Epistle Readers Schedule Fall 2019


(St. Romanos Patron Saint whose feast day is October 1st)

Contact:  Madeline Demos, Director

Membership open to: Kindergarten to 5th grades.

Practices are held: Every Sunday after Church in the Music Suite.

Fee: None, except for outings.

Purpose: To learn the hymnology of the Church and basic understanding of the Divine Liturgy.

Activities: Meets weekly for practice. The Youth Choir sings at the Divine Liturgy on a regular basis (schedule to be determined and distributed.) They also participate in the Christmas Pageant in December, and sing at the Friday Night Salutation Services during Great Lent, as well as the Saturday of Lazarus Divine Liturgy.


(Feast of the Ypapanti whose feast is February 2nd)

Contact: Valine Georgeson, President at 404-372-4696.

Membership open to: Women, at least 18 years old who love to promote love and charity.  Also open to men who love to promote love and charity. (Men are non-voting associate members)

Fee: Annual Stewardship with $15 going to the National Philoptochos and $10 going to the Metropolis Philoptochos

Meetings are held:  Click HERE for Schedule

Purpose: Philoptochos is a nationally chartered organization assisting those in need on an international, national, and local level.  The Cathedral’s Ypapanti Chapter supports the many activities within the parish, both through member volunteer time as well as financial means. The organization is active primarily in charitable programs and activities.

Activities:  Activities in the past have included a membership dinner, Gifts of Love, bake sales, pastry preparation for the annual Atlanta Greek Festival, social services activities, raffles, membership tea's, Christmas charity, Epitaphion collection, coordinating Sunday coffee hour, various outings and events throughout the year.

Phanouropita Recipe

Click HERE for the latest Philoptochos newsletter.


(St. Kosmas the Great, Bishop of Maiouma Patron Saint whose feast day is October 14)

Contact: Dr. Nick Demos, Director at 770-493-9529

Participation open to: All Orthodox Christians in the Metro Atlanta area 6th grade through senior citizens.

Fee: None

Meetings are held: Practices are held periodically throughout the year usually on Sunday afternoons at the Cathedral from September to December (2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.) and February to May. (TBD)  New members are always welcome.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for fellowship and service to the Metropolis through the performance of music.

Activities: Two concerts per year, one on mothers day and the other around Christmas, as well as periodic performances upon request.  Past activities have included:  Archangel Michael awards dinner, visits by the Patriarch and the Archbishop, March 25th celebration, Philoptochos Tea, 2007 Metropolis Clergy-Laity Congress, 2010 Archdiocese Clergy-Laity Congress.

Other Information: The orchestra was founded in 1997 and has consistently maintained a roster of approximately 45 members.  It is an organization in which children, teenagers, young adults, parents, and senior citizens all participate equally.


(St. Anthony the Great Patron Saint whose feast day is January 17th)

Contact: Jean Economy, Chairperson at 404-876-3536

Membership open to: All senior citizens age 55 and up. 

Meetings are held:  On the 2nd Thursday of every month at 10:30 a.m.  There are also two night gatherings per year at 6:00 p.m.

Click HERE for 2019-2020 Schedule

Fee: None, except for outings

Purpose: To bring seniors together for worship, fellowship and fun, through activities, outings and luncheons.

Activities: Making blankets for children at local children's hospitals.  Easter baskets for the less fortunate.  Assisting with the Loaves and Fishes program at St. John the Wonderworker OCA Church. 

Past activities have included picnics, ice-cream social, bingo, trips to various museums, a tour of Chick-fil-a, Christmas lights trip, a trip to the Diakonia Center in Salem, SC, a trip to the Hindu Temple, trip to Oakland Cemetery, a trip to antique places, Epiphany in Tarpon Springs, FL, a visit to the Greek Orthodox Monastery in Abbeyville, SC, and a Christmas program dinner.


(St. Benedict of Nursia Patron Saint whose feast day is March 14th)

Contact: Jennifer Michaels at 770-723-0353 or the staff at the Cathedral Office during the week at 404-633-5870 for additional information.

Purpose: The Library mainly services the Annunciation Day School, but is a ministry of the Cathedral making materials of the Orthodox faith available to all. 

Activity: Except when school is in session and using the library, the Library is open Sundays following Sunday School and after the Divine Liturgy. Material can be check-out by all Cathedral members.

The Annunciation Cathedral Library provides reading materials as a service to Cathedral Members and Annunciation Day School students and staff.

The scope of our collection includes lending and reference materials on:

  • Orthodoxy

  • Church History

  • Greek History

  • Hellenic Culture

  • Art and Iconography

  • Greek Language

  • Music and Psalmody

  • Classics

  • Cathedral Authors

  • Fiction by Greek Authors

  • Local Church, Metropolis and Archdiocesan Materials

  • Children’s Books

The majority of the collection is English-language material, which is complemented by a substantial number of Greek-language volumes. The collection is provided through the generous donations of the Cathedral Community. 

Our Library was founded over 30 years ago by the late Rev. Fr. Homer Goumenis and Librarian Mary Kartas, and was later grown by the donation of the current library room by the late Dr. John Skandalakis, and by the efforts of the late Mrs. Ann Woodward, Cathedral Librarian for over 25 years. The dream of the founders has become a reality as the Library now functions mainly for the Annunciation Day School who uses it on a daily bases.