Pledge Information and Guidelines

In the Gospel of Mark, a father brings his epileptic son to Jesus in desperation, saying, “...if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus replies to the father’s lack of faith, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” The father’s response is a prayer we can pray every day: “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”

When we believe, stewardship follows. Stewardship is faith in action; action motivated by humble gratitude to God for his blessings in our life.

Our Cathedral continues to enhance existing ministries and create new ones as we look forward. Our Strategic planning process has assisted us to identify eight areas of focus to place our efforts. They are as follows:

  1. Education (religious and spirituality)

  2. Communication and Technology

  3. Stewardship

  4. Partnerships, Outreach & Evangelism

  5. Campus improvements

  6. Leadership, Management & Operations

  7. Life Stage Ministries – Youth to Elders

  8. Church Life Experience, Worship and Hospitality.

We ask for your support, input and participation.

Completing Your Stewardship Pledge Card

There are two ways to complete your card. You may do so online, or by simply completing the Stewardship Pledge card and mailing it to the Cathedral.

Giving and Setting up online contributions

Once you have completed your Stewardship Pledge Card, you must login to ACS to manage your payment methods and gifting schedule. ACS processes our online pledge contributions, and allows you to give via credit card, debit card, checking or savings account. The online system is a great tool that enables parishioners to be in control of their payments to the Cathedral and offers options to each parishioner to define their method of payment and make sure it is set up according to their wishes. It is important that you specify your giving as a “one-time” or “recurring” payment.

Your Pledge is effective from January through December

Once you have completed and submitted your Stewardship Pledge Card, please remember that it is based on the calendar year and reflects how much you plan to offer in support of Cathedral Ministries from January through December of said year.

Automatic payments

The Cathedral does not automatically set up any parishioner’s charge for the current year unless the parishioner directly requests it. The Cathedral Office cannot charge anyone’s credit card/account past December of the current year without the parishioner’s permission. The parishioner must set up their online giving process each year.

The best way to help the Cathedral is to set up ACH, or automatic payments directly from your checking account which typically has no fee charge to you nor to the Cathedral. We incur payment processing fees for all payments made online via credit card.

No Internet Access?

For those individuals with no internet access or those who would like assistance from the Cathedral to set up their online payments, please contact the Cathedral Office.


If you have any questions or special scenarios, stock transfers, planned giving, etc., contact the Cathedral Office. We will be happy to assist you!