(St. George the Great Martyr Patron Saint whose feast day is on April 23rd)

Contact: Victoria Pavlopoulos(, Fr. Christos ( or Elias Lampropoulos (elias@atlgoc.orgat 404-633-5870

Membership open to:  Parishioners and Friends in their Early-Twenties to Mid -Thirties (Others are welcome to attend events)

Meetings are held:  Monthly after Church Breakfast or Lunch determined by the Members’ Schedules.

Ongoing events:  Orthodoxy on Tap:  a monthly gathering hosted by the cathedral at the Grove. Members are invited to share in fellowship over food and drink, while listening to a guest speaker offering discussion on contemporary topics related to Orthodoxy. Some topics this semester will include:  Maintaining relationship; How to live our faith practically; a discussion of why we do the things we do as Orthodox Christians.  Our speakers will include:  area clergy, medical doctors, seminary graduates, and others who are living out their Orthodoxy faith in their respective life and careers.

Fee:  None except for outings.

Purpose: To provide opportunities for area young adults and young professionals to stay connected to the Church, while offering avenues to form and grow meaningful relationships.

Activities: Each month the YAYP holds a monthly event—Orthodoxy On Tap—held the Second Thursday of each month. We also share a close relationship with the young adult groups at other area Orthodox Churches.  In addition to our fellowship building activities and discussion opportunities, YAYP hopes to begin a strong outreach ministry serving the needs of both the Annunciation Cathedral community and the greater Atlanta community.

Check HERE for Schedule!


(St. Maximos the Confessor Patron Saint whose feast day is January 21st)


Contact:  Patty Vastakis at ( or 770-270-5193.

Annunciation Cathedral College Students

Don’t lose touch with the Cathedral while you are away at college!  The Annunciation Cathedral wants to stay in touch with all of our students - undergraduate or graduate, attending college far from home or staying in the metro area.  Click on the link below to complete the College Outreach registration form. You will receive greetings throughout the year from your Cathedral family. Follow us on twitter by clicking HERE.

College Outreach Form 2016-2017

Dates for our College Luncheons

2016                  2017

August 23                         January 17

September 20                    February 19

October 18                        March 26

November 15                      April 9 (Palm Sunday Luncheon)

December 6 (Holiday Dinner)   April 16 (Pascha Picnic)

 Attending College in the Metro Atlanta Area?

For a complete list of Philoptochos College Outreach contacts in the Metropolis of Atlanta, please click HERE.

The Annunciation Cathedral welcomes all students (undergraduate and graduate) attending college in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The Cathedral hosts monthly luncheons immediately following Divine Liturgy one Sunday each month during the school year

Transportation is available for any church service by contacting Anna Kostopoulos at 770-492-0877 or  In addition to transportation, we have host families for students who are unable to return home for the holidays. Don’t spend Thanksgiving or Pascha alone!

We encourage all students to register with Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) by Clicking HERE and visit the Atlanta OCF facebook page.  Please feel free to contact Nicholas Alexander local OCF president at for any questions about our Atlanta OCF Chapter.


Contact:  Nicholas Alexander, President (nalexander360@gmail.comat 770-363-9026, Fr. Christos(, Elias Lampropoulos ( at 404-633-5870 or use the following link to get to the OCF website.

Membership open to: College Students (undergraduate and graduate) and high school seniors wanted to know more about O.C.F.

Meetings are held:  Biweekly on Tuesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Contact the President for more information.

Fee: None

Purpose:  O.C.F. serves as a fellowship for Orthodox Students interested in Orthodoxy to interact with other Orthodox students while spiritually growing in the faith.

Activities:  Activities include clergy and speakers leading discussions at regular meetings, retreats in the Southeast region, alternative spring breaks around the world, community service and social activities. Past events have included a corn maze, professional sporting events, bowling, and Work Daze at the Diakonia Retreat Center in Salem, SC

Upcoming Events: 

Check out the OCF web site by clicking HERE for more information. Please encourage your OCFers to come!

Work Daze March 24-26.  Click HERE to sign up!