Road Full of Promise Capital Campaign

Our Annunciation Capital Campaign

"The Road Full of Promise Joyfully Continues..."

Guidelines on how to make your gift

Thank God, we arrived safely at our first stop on the Road Full of Promise, eliminating our debt. There were times when we never thought we would get there and amazingly, we are there! Now, we are planning for our next destination. So, begin packing all your essential items, as the Road Full of Promise extends our Cathedral’s hopes and dreams.


We have a Vision!

Our vision is to build upon what our forefathers and mothers handed down to us and address our present and future needs so that we may continue to offer the most outstanding holy place of refuge, salvation and fellowship for all those who enter our beautiful facility. Our Cathedral is here to change and save lives.


Where do we stand today in our needs? We have a plan!

1. Our Faith Map – With the invaluable input and the amazing feedback we received from our parishioners, our Future Planning Committee has provided us with a Faith Map outlining our goals and initiatives for the next 5+ years. The Faith Map begins with four broad areas, Physical, Educational, Outreach and Spiritual and expands to specific goals.


2. Renovation of our Educational Building and Carlos Hall– With the blessings of our clergy and the Parish Council, a renovation committee, has interviewed several architectural firms based on an RFP (Request for Proposal) and decided to work with the Architectural Firm, Gardner, Spencer, Smith, Tench and Jarbeau, PC. The goal is to renovate our Educational Building and Carlos Hall to meet the needs of the 21st Century and beyond.

A. The Hellenic Tower Board offered a gift of $25,000 toward the development for Architectural plans for the renovation.  This will be an important process to discover exactly what renovations we would like to make to these buildings.

B.  We hope to expand the Renovation Committee with more parishioners with expertise in this area.

C. Once there is a plan and costs are determined, we will begin a Capital Campaign and continue the Road Full of Promise.

How do we hope to accomplish our vision?  With your help!

1. By educating our parishioners through one on one dialogue on expanding their giving to meet Biblical Sacrificial Standards.

2. Based on Biblical standards of giving, we are requesting that each family continue to make a meaningful pledge to the RFP. You can renew your previous pledge or make a new commitment!

3. The quality of your gift is what is important, demonstrating your love for your Church.

4. We recognize that everything we have is from God. All these blessing include all of our assets, properties, stocks, etc. that we have accumulated throughout the years.

We hope this explains some of our future plans at a very concise level.

We will be asking you to make a pledge toward all these goals. Your pledge can be offered in various ways. Please contact our cathedral office or one of our clergy for a personal appointment, or to answer any of your questions.

Thank you! 

Faithfully in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Paul A. Kaplanis                                                            Rev. Fr. Christos P. Mars                   

(                                                                  (